International Congress on partial basic income experiments

vbi25speakersv3The Dutch Association Basic Income is organizing this conference on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Introducing the Basic Income and experiments with them are highly questioned, both within and outside the circles of supporters of an Unconditional Basic Income.

The congress will extensively discuss the income experiments where todays focus is on. Typically these experiments are about a partial basic income.

A host of speakers including Guy Standing, Philippe van Parijs and Enno Schmidt will provide presentations on these themes. In addition, much time was spent on discussion and debate.

We invite especially politicians, councilors, scholars and activists.

This conference is also open to anyone interested in basic income and want to know more about it.

  • When?   January 30, 2016
  • What? See program-for-the-25th-anniversary-congres
  • Where? Stayokay Maastricht – Maasboulevard 101 6211 JW Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Beginning at 09:30, ending at 22:30
  • Chairman: Barb Jacobson, president Unconditional Basic Income Europe (Ubie)
  • Language: English

A selection from the program

The current experiments in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland and Brazil are discussed by Sjir Hoeijmakers respectively, Enno Schmidt, Otto and Markus Lehto Kanerva.

What has to offer a partial Basic Income? This we will discuss after an introduction by Guy Standing and Philippe Paris, founders of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).

Bonno Pel and Julia Backhaus will give a short presentation of their case study on the processes surrounding basic income (BIEN, Netherlands, Germany) (2015).

More information about the speakers can be found on the page with  the-keynote-speakers-30-31-january-2016

Other relevant data this weekend in Maastricht

January 29 – A special general meeting of members about the activities and plans of the base teams.

January 31 –  UBIE working meeting: Erica Scott, Sérgio Alvès and Wiebke Fercho will show the results of their study in the context of “Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability” about how we can enhance our campaigns with the current standards and values.