Transformatie naar basisinkomen in Brazilië

Dear friends of BIEN:

I would like to tell you about an important fact. The Partido dos Trabalhadores has held its IV National Congress last February 19-21, in which all 1350 delegates, by unanimity, approved the following relevant guideline as part of the Presidential Program of Mrs. Dilma Rousseff who was acclaimed the PT’s Presidential candidate in 2010:


To the Brazilian society, to the PT members and to the parties of the coalition that support the candidature  of Dilma Rousseff to the Presidency of the Republic, the Partido dos Trabalhadores presents these Programmatic Guidelines for the debate on the great guidelines of the popular and democratic Government.


The Great Transformation

The accelerated growth and the fight against racial, social, regional inequalities and the promotion of environment sustainment will be the axis for the economic development structure.

19)   The expansion and the strengthening of the popular consumption goods market, that produces strong positive impact on the set of productive sector, will be attained by:

a)      …………………………

e)      the workers income growth, not only by wage increases, but also by efficient public policies in education, health, transport, housing and sanitation;

f)       permanent improvement of the income transfers program, as Bolsa Familia, to eradicate hunger and poverty, to facilitate population access to employment, education, health and better income;

g)      transition from the Bolsa Família Program to the Citizen´s Basic Income – CBI, unconditional, as a right of everyone to participate in the wealth of the nation, as foreseen in Law 10.853/2004, an initiative by PT, approved by all parties of the National Congress and sanctioned by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on January 8th, 2004;

h)      ………………..

My Best regards:

Senator Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy