Voorzitter Vereniging Basisinkomen geïnterviewd door Soulvability.tv

ad-soulvbilitySoulvability TV sprak in een interview met Ad Planken, woordvoerder van vereniging Basisinkomen in Nederland, die uitlegde waarom het Onvoorwaardelijk Basisinkomen (OBi) de oplossing is voor de toenemende armoede en een positieve impuls kan geven aan de noodlijdende economie.  Bekijk het interview hieronder: Verder lezen

14th Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network: Pathways to a Basic Income

The 14th Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) will take place on September 14 to 16, 2012 in Munich, Germany. The website is online at: http://www.bien2012.de/en

Call for Papers, Proposals, and Events

Deadline for submissions has ended

The debate about an unconditional basic income has attracted public attention in a number of countries in recent years. Financial, debt, and ecological crises are causing growing numbers of people to look for political alternatives to the existing economy and the way income is distributed within it. With the debate entering this crucial phase, the 2012 BIEN Congress will discuss possible pathways and barriers towards establishing and implementing Basic Income. This year, the Network Basic Income Germany (Netzwerk Grundeinkommen Deutschland) is organizing the conference. Verder lezen