Unconditional Basic Income #UBi : een eind op streek in Europa #OBi #burgerinitiatief #ECI

Hier een e-mail over de activiteiten van een Europees Burgerinitiatief voor een Onvoorwaardelijk Basisinkomen. Lieden die actief wensen deel te nemen worden verzocht zich aan te melden volgens aanwijzingen in onderstaand bericht.

Dear interested persons,

assuming that you will take responsibility (responsibly get active) for the European Citizens´ Initiative (ECI) „Unconditional Basic Income“, we invite you to a meeting lasting from 26th to 27th of April 2012 into the building of the European Parliament at Brussels. Please note the ECI-website in different languages:


At this LINK you can find e.g the following:

„About the citizens´ initiative; Basic facts; Who can organise a citizens´ initiative and how? In order to launch a citizens´ initiative,
citizens must form a citizens committee….“

Attachment 1 (below) shows a proposal of the agenda.

Travel and accomodation costs have to be paid by everyone herself/himself.

We will send out further details as soon as possible (e.g. about availability of translation into English, French and German)

Attachment 2 shows the latest draft (version 3; 2nd of February 2012) which was presented at the meeting in Rome (10th – 12th of February 2012). The English language quality will be enhanced further. Also according to the discussions in Rome proposals for enhancements will be respected, in order to consider the bottom up process (which was used until now) by creating the final text of the draft, which should be available before the meeting in Brussels. A final agreement should be reached in that meeting.

As you can see on the proposed agenda, one further important point will be the creation of the Citizens Committee for the ECI.

We ask you to send us a binding notification, if you will participate or not until end of March 2012 (c/o Klaus Sambor; E-mail:
klaus.sambor (a) aon.at; cc for Ronald Blaschke; E-mail: rblaschke (a) aol.com ). That is important for planning the premises.

Best regards
Ronald Blaschke, Klaus Sambor


Proposed Agenda
European Parliament, Brussels
Invitere: International (German speaking ) Round Table
Unconditional Basic Income
26th April 2012
14:00 Main Entrance of the European Parliament
15:00 Welcome and Introduction (Gerald Häfner, MdEP)
15:15 „Social Context / Introduction of the ECI“ (Werner Rätz) and Debate
16:30 Break
17:00 „ECI- Subject matter and Objectives“ (Klaus Sambor)
17:30 Structured Debate about Subject and Objectives of the ECI
19:00 End
27th April 2012
09:00 Proposal on the final Text of ECI
09:30 Clarification of the Tasks of the Citizens Committee
09:45 Creation of the Citizens Committee
10:30 Break
11:00 Planning of the Campaign for the ECI
12:00 Further Activities
13:00 End
Moderation: Ronald Blaschke, Sepp Kusstatscher

ATTACHMENT 2:  European Citizens’ Initiative: (TEU: Art. 11, Para 4; TFEU: Art. 24, Para 1)  120202 ECI version 3 AO